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The Overactive Brain and Cannabis

CBD has absolutely changed my life in terms of symptom relief. Having anxiety and PTSD at the same time makes medicating tricky. I always wanted to find a medication that didn’t provide a ton of side effects, but still provided me with notable benefits. I think that’s the trouble with most medications that work on anxiety type disorders, or certain mental health conditions: do the pros outweigh the cons? When we see hyperactivity within the brain and central nervous system in conditions like ADHD and ADD, we can begin to explore CBDs potential to regulate many of the overactive impurlses firing within the brain, the same way we see them being regulated in Parkinson’s or seizure disorders.

The best thing about CBD is that it doesn’t alter you cognitively: you are not stoned or out of it or impaired or sleepy. CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory, meaning it helps with physical pain. You’ve also seen it reduce seizures, or stop spasms associated with Parkinson’s, because of its ability to help control overactive neurons within the brain. When the overactivity in your brain is a result of anxiety or PTSD, the effects of the CBD are the same: a huge reduction in the central nervous systems response that give you that fight/flight feeling. Many people with mood disorders such as bipolar disorder or BPD report that their mood is much more stable when they’re using CBD regularly. This is again, because of the non-psychoactive properties that CBD has. Its calming effects allow for users to slow down, feel more relaxed, and keeps overactive thoughts at bay.

CBD is also known to be neuroprotective, meaning it has the capacity to help treat the symptoms of concussions or brain injuries. Concussion disorder or traumatic brain injuries can result in patients acting impulsively, and reacting irritably. Oral CBD oil, which can last in the system for 6-8 hours, provides an all natural, safe way to reduce stress and promote relaxation . It is also amazing with mood crises in alzheimer’s and dementia, and because of its neuroprotective qualities, can potentially provide a slower onset of the actual disease. All types of neurological and cognitively impairing illnesses appear to respond positively to routine CBD use. Its about time we become more open to recommending this as a viable alternative treatment to traditional anxiety class meds.

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