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CBD and Athletes, Sports, Muscle Recovery

Dealing with post work-out inflammation plays a huge role in an athletes recovery time. Inflammation within the body and muscles can result in pain, stiffness, and the inability to continue with a planned regime. Incorporating CBD into your pre or post work-out routine can allow for maximum pain relief, anti inflammatory effects and overall physical body relaxation.

Athletic injuries to the knees and shoulders can result from the combination of speed and significant physical impact. Many of these injuries end up requiring surgery, which comes with a wait list. While the patient waits for their surgery, the inflammation and pain that results from their injury can be quite significant. Throughout the day, patients use doses of opiates to rid themselves of pain. Often, these medications are so strong, that patients feel cognitively impaired-too much so to work or drive. If it is unsafe to drive while consuming these pills, how can you coordinate the fine motor movements required to continue training at the gym?

One of the most desirable features about CBD is that it causes no cognitive effects; there is no “high” to go along with its therapeutic effects. Most pain medication can help to treat situational pain crises, but come with too many side effects. Users are not able to drive or return to work if they take these meds. CBD presents an amazing pain relief option for anyone of any age, or any lifestyle, with no sedation or stoned feeling attached to it.

Overuse syndrome is a condition that affects patients who perform repeated, strenuous tasks. Overuse syndrome is very common in professional athletes, as so much of their time is dedicated to perfecting their kick, tackle, throw or running technique. Overuse syndrome comes with chronic pain in the affected area, and can acutely cause inflammation every time the exercise is performed. The answer? A strong anti inflammatory like CBD to reduce recovery time!

Many patients who work out are doing so because they are affected by conditions such as arthritis, muscle pain, or bone pain. The gym helps, but once the work outs are complete, we see lots of inflammatory processes associated with it. If these athletes were given the option of experimenting with CBD, they could potentially have pain coverage throughout the day, and would benefit from the physical relaxation that CBD brings to tense muscles.

Medications like morphine or fentanyl are too often prescribed to a patient population that does not necessarily have all the information they need to take them safely. In order to better serve the opioid dependent population, that will unfortunately always exist, we need to be able to communicate the new scientific findings that we are discovering related to medical cannabis. Often, cannabis can provide better symptom management, as well as disease control, than traditional medications. Professional athletes have jobs that require them to perform at their best, while still being functional and healthy. When we have so few options for pain control available, it is no surprise that a large portion of these athletes turn to natural hemp products or medical cannabis!

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