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CBD and your Pets

Its clear that CBD can provide a wide range of benefits, with the added bonus that there is no “high” effect. For this reason, we have seen CBD being used in the pediatric population (young kids) , the geriatric population (the elderly), and now in the veterinary world; on animals.

CBD has the ability to reduce overactivity within the brain. This applies to physical conditions, like seizure disorders, where we see overactive neurons, or with psychological conditions like anxiety, where we see over-firing of impulses within the brain. Many friends and family who have dogs or cats with separation anxiety send me messages asking whether or not CBD is safe to give to their pet; the short answer is yes. Because CBD does not cause any high, and because most fauna and flora (animals and plants) have an innate endocannabinoid system, CBD produces positive results in most-if not all- of the furry family and friends I have given it to.

For dogs with arthritic pain or sore joints, muscles or teeth post surgery, we see CBD having a huge effect on that inflammatory pain. Typical medications for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc., are expensive, hard on the stomach, and come with a string of side effects. Not only do people report that their animal is obviously in less pain, they also report that their mood, and mobility seem to have improved as well. Because CBD helps with stress and upset stomach/nausea, animals receive not only pain management, but a natural, anti-inflammatory calming agent before things like road trips, long periods alone, or vet visits.

If your pet reacts negatively to standard meds, or has anxiety or pain that seems hard to treat, consider approaching a medical professional from CBD drops to discuss your options!

2 thoughts on “CBD and your Pets

  1. Liam says:

    I am very interested in CBS drops to help with my dogs separation anxiety

    1. cbdhealthdrops says:

      Hi Liam. CBD Dros are a great way to manage your pets anxiety! Send us an email if you wish to request more information!

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